2018 Professional Development Workshop

9.30am kick off

Introductions and Agenda Review

Minute Paper Exercise - Coaching vs. Advising vs. Mentoring 

Interaction Essentials & Listening Skills

This short session takes you through the Development Dimensions International (DDI) model of interaction skills - a simple model which is great for fostering high quality interactions, communication and relationship building in all aspects of our lives - and listening skills via a TedEd Video: Are you a good listener?

GROW Coaching Model

This succinct digital lesson takes you through the basics of the GROW Coaching Model. GROW is particularly relevant to use with young people as it is highly flexible and can be adapted to a range of unstructured and structured situations. 


Diagnostic Tools:

Bulls-Eye Debrief using a basic GROW format

Click to open the Bulls-Eye GROW Coaching Template below, then login as your volunteer student (details below). Review their results using the coaching template hints and tips and prepare a coaching plan for your student.   

Bulls-Eye GROW Coaching Template (interactive pdf)

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generation z & the Future of Skills

In this session we look at Generation Z and the future of skills. 

Bulls-Eye Future-Fit Skills Framework

This digital lesson provides a simple introduction to the future of skills and takes users through an interactive overview of the Bulls-Eye future-fit skills framework.

1.30 - LUNCH (and depart)