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- 01 Dec 2015

More Cantabrians are targeting their futures as another two schools integrate Bulls-Eye into their careers advisory programmes. Hillmorton High School and Cashmere High School students will soon be trialling Bulls-Eye’s easy online quizzes to find the right career pathway for them.

"The first student I trialled Bulls-Eye with had little clarity on what interested him and what study and career options were available. It was heartening to see him leave with a clear focus and numerous career options that he was interested in and importantly, suited to. bulls-eye works to streamline the process for students and give them proper planning and study options that lead to a relatable career field. Coupled with this success and just how easy the system was to use, Hillmorton High School has now signed up to offer Bulls-Eye to students."

Kathy Jones, Career Advisor, Hillmorton High School