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- 25 February 2019

To help embed Career Central use amongst students, provide support to Whānau teachers, and give Y13 students a mentoring opportunity Garin College has introduced the role of Career Ambassador in their vertically integrated Whānau classes. With thanks to Kirsten Thorp and Kim Holmes for allowing us to share this concept with you. Below is an overview of the role, skills required and benefits for Y13 students that Garin provide as part of their comprehensive careers programme:

Careers Ambassadors

Your role:

Support the careers curriculum in Whānau classes

Roam other Whānau’s in your house to support them through key steps in:

  • Career Central, our online career management tool
  • Career research, goal setting, and subject selection.
  • Promoting career events in assemblies and around the school, and
  • Assisting during the events especially when out of school speakers come.
  • Using communications tools and social media to promote events

Key skills for a Career Ambassador:

  • Great people skills
  • Comfortable learning new technology and working on computers
  • Have an enthusiastic, supportive and enquiring personality
  • Enjoy being a role model and working with peers and younger students
  • Have an interesting foundation and have given thought to your own career plan
  • Leadership capacity

Benefits of the role:

  • Enrich your peers, friends and fellow students’ lives
  • Demonstrates leadership, teamwork, useful for your CV and applications