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- 04 June 2019

Scots College, Wellington

"At Scots College we use Bulls-Eye across our Y11 - 13 group in June – August each year. Students complete the quiz during tutor group and then use the results as an input for their work experience at Y11, and subject selection discussions and decision making. We then use Bulls-Eye with our Y12 students in the second half of the year, we find it helps them to firm up their post-school plans and start setting goals and action plans to work through over the next 12 months to make their plans a reality with their tutor. Finally, we also use Bulls-Eye results as a starting point for discussions in one-on-one interviews with Y13 students." Gary Henley-Smith

Karamu High School, Hawkes Bay

"At Karamu High School, we request that the Year 12 students complete the Bulls-Eye quiz prior to their careers interview so that it starts them thinking about the career development process and gives rise to further discussion during the interview. In Year 13, the students re-do the quiz at the beginning of the year for further clarification and research opportunities." Josie Hunter

Waitakere College, Auckland

"Here at Waitakere College we use Bulls-Eye with our year 11's and 12's before we do their subject selection interviews in August each year. It is also made available to all year 13's to use as required for career interviews. This year with the integration on to the Career Central platform, the process will be even smoother, as we will be able to provide selected teachers involved in subject selection with access to the information from students responses." Mark Sizer

St Paul's Collegiate, Hamilton

"At St Paul's Collegiate, we start using Bulls-Eye at Year 11. Students are shown in class how to access and use the site early in Term Three. After completing the quiz they are encouraged to book a meeting with the careers advisor to discuss options, interests and subject choices for year 12. This is a great starting point in the students' journey of knowledge building for future career options. In Year 12 Bulls-Eye is used along with Career Central to begin to formulate possible plans/goals for the first steps after school. The information from both is used to initiate discussion in compulsory one on one career meetings with students. From this discussion students research possible pathways that interest them. All Year 13 students are interviewed in Term One (and ongoing as needed) to help them in their decision making." Paul Wilson

Woodford House, Hawkes Bay

"I use Bulls-Eye with Year 10 in one of two designated career focused sessions of 90 mins. I also get my Year 12 students to complete it (even if they have done it before as Year 10 students), as well as any Year 13 students who are unsure of their direction for next year. After completion, I meet one on one with Year 12 and 13 students; see if their Bulls-Eye profile sounds like them (most of the time it does); and support them to identify specific areas they have been contemplating, or actively following up." Pam Knight